Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Nights Are Drawing In-HDH Macabre Monday

When thinking of the September challenge at HDH, The Nights Are Drawing In, I automatically go to my favorite night of the Hallowe'en season.  No, not the 31st.  Our annual party, Hallowicked!  Hallowe'en is big for me, and starts in September in my home.  I've thrown this particular party for 11 years this year.  It's been BIG, it's been small, but I'll keep throwing it as long as people keep coming.

I've been working on a 12x12 scrapbook of past Hallowickeds for a while now.  I decided to enter one of my favorite pages from said book.

 Here it is.  I love the layered crazy look of it.  I used one 12x12 patterned paper as a base, the a smaller piece of solid color on top.  I ripped the solid piece, drug the edges along an ink pad, and used a blood splatter cling stamp set for some more red.  A few of my regulars adorn this page, who've made it almost every year.
 I made that tree myself.  Being that actual drawing eludes me, I felt pretty fancy here.
 These webs I made by cutting up a bigger felt web I got in a pack of webs at the 99cents store last year.  Neat little Happy Halloween die cut there.
I've had this bauble type bat sticker for a while now.  So long I can't recall who made it.  If I had to guess, I'd say it was a Martha Stewart bat.  Hope you like it, thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kenny K Challenge #197-Anything Goes!

Hi. I know, I'm never here anymore.  Did you notice? =P  I've actually made quite a few things recently, I just haven't posted them.  UNTIL NOW!

Here's my offering for the Kenny K Anything Goes challenge this week.

Kinda sexy, yeah?  I made him for a good friend of mine who's single, but not for lack of trying.  The right one for her just hasn't shown up yet, so I gave her this Playboy image from Kenny K's line. I had hoped to get him into last weeks guy twist challenge, but I failed.  I am working on my skin shading, and this was a perfect image being that he's mostly naked.  He does have on pants, but the illusion that he didn't works well for us horny old broads. 

I hope you like it, thanks for taking a look. I hope to be more of a presence here soon.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Macabre Monday-You WOOD do that!

I honestly didn't think I'd make this challenge, the Minions at HDH really challenged us, but I surprised myself.  The Boy wants to be Voldemort(if you don't know who that is-where have you been?)for Hallowe'en, so I decided to make him a wand.

The Hubs found a cool stick while gardening that he thought would make a good wand.  So I sanded it down and stained it with some danish oil.

To make my handle I took some twine and wrapped around the base and sealed it with floral tape.  I then took a string of beads and hot glued them in a spiral.  Let it all dry, then painted it black.
Pretty cool, isn't it?  The beads shine through on some spots and it has a cool iridescent glow.  I decided to give it a whirl on my dog and see if it worked.

Nope.  Still a dog.  After all, the wand chooses the wizard, and this isn't my wand.  I'm lucky I didn't set my damn house on fire.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Macabre Monday-Ancient Evil

This was a tough challenge for me to figure out.  Use an ancient evil (aside from myself) as your inspiration.  Oh I went all over the place in my mind, searching for that one...thing.  I asked my husband one night what comes to his mind when I say "ancient evil." 

"The kraken." was his quick reply. 

So there it goes.

If it's not September through December, our home has a nautical theme.  We love the ocean.  So I thought to make something we could frame and hang.

After finishing this, I realize it has a more pirate feel,but kraken goes right along with it.  Besides, pirates are also an ancient evil.  Capt. Jack Sparrow and the like have glamorized the pirate, but let's not forget the old creed of take all you can, give nothing back. I used that cool map from Delicous Doodles.  A friend of mine's dad worked in a junk yard most his life, and gave me a bunch of odds and ends to use in my craft stash.  I finally found a home for a few of those things on this project.  I used a bag some onions came in as the netting, and an odd weird bead as a nice kraken eye.

  I almost entered this-
That lady with the big ole kraken tattoo is me.  This was my husband and I renewing our wedding vows after 10 years married.  It's the best pic I can find of that tattoo at the moment.  I figured a kraken tattoo would be a cool thing to enter, but I didn't make it. I just wear it.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Macabre Monday Crimson Crime Scene

The minions over at HDH wanted us to use a crime scene as our inspiration for this challenge.  Oooo!  My mind instantly went to decapitation.  I wanted to cut someone's head off.  So I did.  (I actually wanted to do a Sharon Tate thing with a baby being cut out....but I thought that might be tasteless?)

 Ann Boleyn was too far back for me.  Jayne Mansfield, however, wasn't.  Jayne was dubbed the "Working Man's Monroe" as she was as sexy as Marilyn.  She died when her car ran under a truck and it sheared off the roof of her car....and her head along with it.  Now there is some speculation on if she was actually decapitated, or was it her wig we saw on the dashboard, and she died from a crushed skull?  I wasn't there, so I went OFF WITH HER HEAD. I used one of my Kenny K girls(I do believe this is Allura Von D), gave her a bit more sexy, fussy cut her, then cut her head off.  I ran her neck(both ends) along some red ink to give it a bloodier look.
There was also rumors that Anton LaVey(founder of The Satanic Church) had something to do with her death as well, so I added the pentagram.  I used a red mesh bag that some garlic came home from the store in to add some more red. I almost splattered this whole thing with blood, just a big ole silly mess of it, but thought to tone it down a bit.

What a shame,
What happened to Jayne.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HDH 666-Number of the Beast

I decided to start playing around again in the hole that is my craft room.  I've made a couple things, but haven't gotten around to posting them.  Excuse? No, I'm just lazy I guess. =P

So here it is, my entry for the new Haunted Design House challenge Number of the Beast.
I have never been ashamed to admit I am not the biggest fan of Iron Maiden.  That being said, I do appreciate the mark they have made on heavy metal.  The song Hallowed Be Thy Name speaks to me, always has.  I didn't have a good devil image, so I went old school and used Eddie himself.  I paper pieced him on that background to give him more POP, and used and embossing folder to texture it up a bit.  Took my first crack at my Cricut by cutting that 666.  I still gotta get the hang of that thing.  I might send this to my nephew Nick, who was born on 6/6/06.  Or I might keep it.  Hope you dig it!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello 2014

I've decided to give my crafty side another run.  It's been hard to get up the gumption to actually make something.  Hard as I try, my craft room still stays in a black hole covered in dust. I finally get the craft room I want, and for some reason I don't want to be in it.

I must change this, so here I go.

Today is my Husband's birthday.  I could write novels about the love I feel for hm, about how wonderful he is, how he truly is my hero.  There just aren't enough words.  For Xmas he got an Xbox One, and has been playing Assassin's Creed a lot(even now as I type this).  It's a piratey game,  so I thought a piratey card would do the trick.

I used Pirate Polly and Treasure Map from Delicious Doodles.  For some reason I saw Polly as a green/zombie-ish woman.  Hmmm.