Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kenny K Challenge #38

This week the theme over at Kenny K's blog is Aquamarine.  I checked out all the other examples, and pretty much everyone is using a shade of teal, turquoise, or aquamarine.  Here is what I did--

This is the very first Kenny K image I bought, and colored.  I was having a blue day, apparently.  She's just been hanging out on my desk, being all blue.  So, now she's been put to good use.  I took a tip from Creepy G and colored my flower all purty in blue violets, then dipped it in alcohol, then let it dry.  Put on my only blue Glow Skull and I thought it really tied it together.

Monday, March 28, 2011

HDH082-Hacked to Bits

Welcome to Monday, everyone. Here's what I've got for this weeks Macabre Monday challenge.  Hacked to bits-cut it, slice it, hack it, distress it, rip it.  Somehow, do that with your project.  And away we go!--

Ok, I'm gonna say it.  I'm gettin good. (I'm really proud of this one). I made this for my future sister in law.  This is a faboo Kenny K image. Here's what I did-Of course I cut everything out.  I distressed the edge of the image, and the black bar across the middle.  The red color behind the bar I ripped with my hands.  The two red flourishes were torture pressed out of my Sizzix.  There's my hacking! 

On another note, bottomless mimosas will take away your Sunday.  Just sayin'.  Yea bridal showers!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lookee what I got!

Just got my order in from Creepy G's etsy shoppe.  I won a $20 gift cert from last week's HDH.  Check it out!

 Got some pinky swirly Glowskullz.  Yea skull embellishments!

Waaaaay cool earrings...

And a BAD ASS altered Steampunk Romance journal!  Sigh. I've had my eye on that for a few.  I almost had to buy it...ha ha.  All her schtuffs are HANDMADE, and beautiful.  Go check out her shoppe so you can have some cool shwag like this!

Thanks to Barb and all the minions at Haunted Design House.  I've gotten to make, and win, some really cool stuff.  All of it is fun. I have a bag of stuff from a win a couple weeks ago I need to break out.  Got some fuzzy ribbon to mess with...;P

Have a killer weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

HDH081-Dastardly Divas

Dastardly Divas are what calls us to Haunted Design House this week.  I must say, the card I made for last week's challenge(and won, by the way...thanks ladies!!) would have fit perfectly with this challenge as well.  However I can't use the same project to enter, so I had to work something else out.  This week I actually have TWO entries.  Gasp!  I know, right?  Here's number one--

 I made this for my one of my many "kids" who is out of state now.  She's a workin girl, learning what life is like at 21 and on your own. Surprise!  Rat race sucks! So, I gave this to her in honor of her corporate devils.  She's a bad ass barista, and I'm proud of her, even if she is a bit mouthy.  I used a Daniel Torrente image..I think.  And next on the list...

This one I made just for this challenge.  I found a line drawing from a CPR class, and I liked how grainy it looked so I didn't color it.  Just a hint of color in the cheeks. Gigi(Simply Betty Stamps) and her sheepish little grin...with her cute little sentiment.  Don't let the smooth taste fool you.  She poisoned him.  Dastardly little thing.  She really put the screws to him.

Get it?  Because of the screw brads?  Ok.  Enough of that cheese for now.

Whaddya think?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

HDH080-Alas, Poor Yorick

I have found it increasingly difficult to get in my craft room lately.  Injured husbands and sick, stinky babies do that to you.  However, we are shaping up around the Korpsgryndr household, and I found a challenge that I HAD to do.

This week's theme at Haunted Design House is Alas, Poor Yorick.  Use one, or many, skulls or skully type things on your project.  Check out what I made!

Isn't that so friggin cool?  I think so.  I took a faboo Kenny K image, Miss Fortune, and colored her face up all skully style. I attempted to make her into a sugar skull, but I stopped before I got to far and ended up with a mess. I had also made some really cool flower purty's, but they just didn't seem to fit this card.  I added my very last purple Creepy Glowskull.  I'm really proud of myself with this one.  I loved the skull face idea.  I think I wanna do it again, only on my own face.  F/X kit, here I come!