Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SBS I Heart Zombies Invasion

Yeeeessss.  More zombies!  It's like, FINALLY the world catches up with my life long love of creepy, gross, bloody, scary, dead things.  Simply Betty Stamps has a whole new buttload of zombie stamps, and I am all for it.  Here's what I got for the zombie challenge--

This is the Zombie Betty digi.  At first, after I colored her, I thought "Wow.  She's ugly."  Being that she's a zombie, that translated quickly in my mind too "Wow.  She's beautiful."  I just got me a set of Glow Bwainz
and I have been DYING to use them.  So I did.  I took a Gelly Roll glitter pen and added just a tad in some of the cracks, to give it a more viscous look.  I made this card for my buddy's bday.  He's the singer of a local metal band, and loves zombies as much as I.  He even plays zombie movies in the background while on stage, so I was happy to join in the fun last Saturday when I went to see him play.

I had to have a snack before we left.  I'm a bit messy.  While brains are always a welcome snack, I often prefer the heart.  I don't know, it just seems juicier.  But that's me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kenny K's Krafty Girlz Challenge #41

You know how obsessed I am with Kenny K images.  Oh, how I heart his art!  Here's what I got going on for this weeks challenge-

I made this for Mr.Korpsgryndr.  It's our been-together-10-years anniversary today.  I always color with Copics, and I used some wedding table confetti for the flowers.  I hope he likes it, though I'm sure he will.  He's my biggest fan.

 One of a kind, that's what we are.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HDH084-Zombie Apocalypse

Now here we go!  I LOVE zombies.  This week, however, I've decided to enter a different type of project.


Zombies live year round at Korpsgryndr Manor.  I'm always, at odd times, doing up my face, or someone else, as a brain eater.  I absolutely love it, and I've gotten quite good at it over time. No one is safe, not even the children.  So, I'd like to enter some of my most recent and awesome make up jobs. 

That's me. 

Casey Voorhies, Dawn Myers, and Rachel Kruger.  My zombie cocktail waitresses who serve at my functions.

Mr. & Mrs. Korpsgryndr

My nephew, whom you might run into going through my home.

All of the make up you see in the photos was done by moi.  I hope you like them.  Think I'll go make some brain soup.

I Married My Brother

Yes, you read that right. No, it's not what you think.

Another fun fact about me, I'm an ordained minister.  Last weekend I was given the honor of officiating my Brother's wedding.  It was beautiful, if I do say so myself.  Here's the card I made for him and the new Mrs.--

Yes, it's a Kenny K image.  I heart him.  I finished this puppy the night before the wedding.  Talk about procrastinating.  Check out the cool effect on the chicka's jeans though--

Colored with Copics.  I took a piece of denim fabric, soaked it in the Colorless Blender, then pressed it on the image.  Frikkin neat if you ask me. Here we are on that fateful day--