Thursday, June 30, 2011

HDH095-From the Bone Pile

Scraps, you say?  Oh I got plenty of those!

 This week's challenge at Haunted Design House is From the Bone Pile.  Use all scraps to make your project.  My entire craft room is COVERED in scraps.  As I sit typing this, there is a huge stack of roll away drawers behind me, taller than I sit, filled with paper scraps, ribbon scraps, old stickers, stamped out or embellished things.  All over my desk?  Paper, half colored images, and more scraps.  For a crafter, my crafty area is a shame.  I know where it all is, though, and that's what's important, right?  Here's what I did--

That creepy ole house is the very first thing I ever pressed out when I bought my Sizzix.  My crafty pal came over to show me how to use it.  I embossed it onto to some ivory card stock, then started rubbing ink on it.  This house has been sitting around for months and months.  I look at it all the time, but never could decide how to use it.  Now the home has a home. All bg paper is leftover from cuttings and such.  That furry stuff you see is some WICKED cool fuzzy ribbon I won, playing along with HDH of course!  Barb sent me a cool pack of fun schtuffs to play with, all of it creepy and cute.  I've really been wanting to use it.  Glad I got too.   

Kenny K's Krafty Girlz Challenge #51

I finally found time to enter a Kenny K challenge.  You all know how much I love Kenny's art.  Here's what I got for this week's challenge, Red, White, and Blue--

I used the first image I ever bought from him, Miss Fortune.  I went with mostly blue violets, but added some other shades in there to be safe.  I really love her dark skin.  I used a cool cake digi freebie from Delicious Doodles.  I am very happy with the way this turned out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

HDH094 Menacing Mermaids

This week at Haunted Design House, the challenge is Menacing Mermaids.  Use some type of siren from the deep blue on your project.  When I heard this, I about screamed.  Just a couple weeks ago, Mr. Korpsgryndr started more tattoo work on his right arm sleeve.  What did he get, you ask?  He got a huge outline all along the inside of his arm, of a FREAKIN ZOMBIE MERMAID.  Check it out.

She actually wraps around his arm a bit.  He goes really big, so only does the outline first, the of course back in few weeks to work on it some more.  That's not my entry, though.  I just found the coincidence interesting.  Here's my entry..

I had an image of a mermaid skeleton I stamped out at a friends house years ago, but of course that's long gone.  So after a good search, I found this little philly.  She's the logo for Fourth World Clothing(whatever the hell that is..hee hee). I thought she was so cute, and she seems to fit the old school persona of mermaids.  The ones who lured sailors into the water, not the cute-sy Ariel mermaids.  Copics rule my coloring world, so they aided in giving her and that flower purty on her lap.  Those green flowers are actually wedding table confetti.  Top it off with a pearl she dug out herself, and my card is done.  Hope you like it. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HDH093-Kuriously Korroded

This weeks sponsor at Haunted Design House is Kenny K.  If you've ever taken a look through my posts, you know how much I love Kenny K!  Why didn't I use a Kenny K image this week then, you ask?  Because I think this image rocks as well, and have been dying to use it.  Here we go--

That image is called Batty Belfry, by a guy I found cruising online, Adam Withers.  Killer line sketch,so I just colored her in.  Kuriously Korroded.  Corrode your project somehow, and here's how I did it.  The background flourishes I smudged on.  I took paper left over from a die cut that had the flourish pattern in it, laid it over the card, and smudged ink in with a sponge dauber.  I ripped out the black paper, and distressed both the purple and red papers(which for some reason never shows in my photos).  A little smudge under her butt, and I'm done. I have trouble with making stuff too busy, because blank space irritates me something fierce.  That being said, it was a little hard for me to leave such space open on this one, however I like how it turned out.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

HDH092-Pleasure and Pain

Sounds like a good night at The Korpsgryndr's.

Alrighty!  This week at Haunted Design House, the theme is Pleasure and Pain. Use something you LOVE, and something you HATE.  They really are stepping up their game with these challenges.  Every week it's harder and harder, but still fun!  Here you go--

Here's what I love-that costume!  That was Halloween 2008, and that lovely Pennywise is me. Halloween is my Christmas, so of course I have to go all out.  That particular year, I TERRIFIED people.  No joke.  The fear of clowns, especially Pennywise(from Stephen King's It), is something I've always loved to play with. So of course I had to use that awesome sentiment with these pictures of me eating some poor helpless trick o' treaters.  Beep beep, Richie.

Here's what I hate-making patterned paper with a stamp!  I took a cling on skull/crossbones stamp (hate cling on stamps too), and stamped the hell out of my background paper.  I hate doing that, only because I'm so damn OCD about it, it blank space drives me insane.

I think I'm gonna dig out that costume now, and go hit up all the schools just letting out.  I'm suddenly hungry.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I don't like this whole "Emo" movement/music/style whatever you call it.  I'm hard, thrash, speed, and black metal, to the core.  That being said, I DO like the Simply Betty Stamps Emo line of images.  A group of modern day kids for every occasion.  I can color them to my liking, which I'm finding doesn't work so well with actual Emo human kids.  They don't take to kindly to being drawn on and fussy cut.  Zombie Lola, one of SBS's Emo zombies, though, didn't mind at all.

The challenge at HDH this week is to incorporate EMO in your project.  Here's where I put mine-E for the Emo zombie image and EEEEK! sentiment, M for the metal plates on the corners and the metallic sparkle on her spikes, and O for Orange.  SBS has given me something fun and safe to do with Emo kids now, and has kept me from chasing poor teenagers down.  Thank you, Betty.