Saturday, May 26, 2012

HDH134-Long in the Tooth

I seem to remember one of my elders saying that, long in the tooth.  Can't remember what it means.  Oh well. 

Here is what I have scared up for Macabre Monday this week.  Use some form of teef's or dental stuffs.  Awaayy we go.

I chose to use one of my favorite couples, Count Dracula and Mina Harker, from one of my favorite movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula.  Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder did an excellent job in this film, and I love the whole bloody/tragic love story aspect.  Assuming using a vampire wouldn't be enough, I found some cool fangs on the net and jazzed em up a bit, to really drive the point home.  The sentiment is one that rings true in my life.

True love never dies.

Monday, May 14, 2012

HDH133-Hot as Hell

It is my wedding anniversary tomorrow.  8 wonderful years Mr. and I have had married, 11 years of annoying each other total.  I am completely obsessed with my husband. So much that I get quite the ribbing from lots of my friends about it.  I just say they're jealous they don't have anyone to obsess about.

I needed to make him a card of course, and wanted to play along with this weeks Macabre Monday challenge as well. Hot as Hell. Use some form of heat, whether it be a picture of fire, or something you did to your project.  Here is my submission--

I used Day of the Dead bride and groom from The Octopode Factory.  They are just so sweet!  My fire is that wonderful heart a flame in the background.  The sentiment says "A fire loses none of it's flame lighting another."  Mr. Korpsgryndr set me ablaze the very first time I saw him.  His blue eyes burned a hole right through me, and it is there that my fire for him resides.

Forever just isn't long enough.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

HDH132-Gothic Make Over

Just in the nick of time, too!

Macabre Monday asks us this week to give something cute a gothic make over.

If only I could enter the actual people I've done this too.

I decided to go with a Kenny K Xmas image.  Here is what she looks like when I put her to use the first time.


Look at her, all cute with her Santa hat and poofy boots.  Shopping away for Christmas goodies.  Awww.

Here is what I did with her this week-
 She has embraced a darker side.  I went with the classic ghost white face so many goths wear, but wanted to add a little zazz.  I did some crazy paper piece work on her outfit and the bags.  Scissors sticking out of the bag, cut off boot/hat poofs, did some cool Liquid Applique/heat gun action, added a Glow Skull, and Mrs Claus has become Mrs. Korpsgryndr. I would rock the HELL out of this outfit...think I might have to make one for this cold season..winter is coming.

Hope you dig it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kenny K Challenge #91 Anything Goes

I love these challenges.  I love love love Kenny's art, and I love the freedom to play around with whatever.  Here's what I cooked up for the Krafty Girlz--

I used the lovely Lady Victoria from Kenny's steampunk line.  I became instantly intimidated once I printed her out.  That cape was gonna do me in, and I almost cut it off. Good thing I figured it out, and decided to paper piece it, along with her hat.  That a tons of layers made this up.  I love this card so much. I feel it's some of my best work. 

HDH131-CASE a Minion

CASE-Cope And Steal Everything. The challenge for this weeks Macabre Monday.  They want us to try to CASE one of the Haunted Design House Minions(are you freakin kidding me??).  Being that the Minions are AMAZING and some of us aspire to be so, they said we could at least use them as inspiration, but make sure to show which Minion you are CASEing.

I knew right away who'd I'd wanna CASE(I bet you do too).  I've been CASEing this woman for years now(more like stalking).  So you can imagine my shock and awe when I saw Creepy Glowbugg's Wretched Wednesday post.  A damn jewelry box? With cute little brain eating zombie cherubs?  You've got to be kidding me. There was no way I was coming even close to that. I had already made this decision, though, and with my newly redesigned craft room I really wanted to get back into these challenges. I almost gave up, until a quick conversation with Mr.Korpsgryndr gave me the inspiration I needed.  So...AWAY WE GO!

I started thinking of boxes I had that I could work with.  Then a light bulb popped in my head "You've got a coffin, dumbass."   This coffin was handmade for me. I have had it AT LEAST 20 years, if not longer.  It was a gift from a friend in high school, one who shared a love of the macabre with me. It's 10" long, a mini version.  I have carried this thing around with me everywhere I've moved in the last 20 years, and it's one of my favorite things being that it's one of a kind.  I've used it for many different purposes.  I decided it was time for a make over, a "facelift" if you will.

Ta daaaa!!! Check THAT out!

I took a few shots from Cannibal Corpse albums, and made my own version of a zombie box.

Used some creepy itkupilli kids for the ends.

This is the new top to my coffin.  I even threw on a couple GlowBrainz to stick the point home.  I used lots of blood gel from my trusty Hallowe'en kit for a more viscous look.  Added some to the brains as well, which I love.  All in all, I think I aced it.