Tuesday, November 8, 2011

They keep me locked up lately...

I would have to write a novel on this post to explain my vast absence.  I have missed so many wonderful challenges....sigh.  Alas, life has thrown us quite the curve ball, as it does some times.  In the middle of it all came my favorite holiday, Hallowe'en.  We did manage(as we always do) to celebrate the joyous occasion, and I wanted to post a picture of our wonderful costumes this year.  So, I give you to Mr. and Mrs. Korpsgryndr, also known as....
Malificent and the Mad Bomber.  Hope your holiday was well.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I know, I've been away for quite some time.  I apologize.  My season is here, and I have been a busy Korpsgryndr.  Very.  I'm currently working on this weeks HDH challenge, but I just found this and had to share.

Creepy Glowbugg is giving away blog candy!!!

And lots of it!!  Head over and check out her blog.  Not only will you get a chance to win these exceptional goodies, you'll see some really killer art.  Get over there!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ode to a Bugg

Happy Birthday, Creepy Glowbugg!! 
What some of you might not know is that our beloved Creepy G is one of my very very nearest and dearest.  After seeing how much we had in common, her uber-cool husband decided he'd let me have her.  Sometimes. (Man, that was a good year, eh Glo?)  We met on a New Years Eve, and after eyeing me real good, and inspecting my Lenore tattoo, I was accepted.

Creepy G is the lady who introduced me to the wonderful world of crafting. She is my "craft mentor" as I call her.  I can't thank her enough for giving me this addiction.  Aside from crafts, her and I have spent many a day together being, well, US.
Now, although her cave is only 3 minutes from my cave, I hardly see her anymore.  Life, children, and that ever demanding craft room have kept us very busy, and it's hard to get together as much as we used too. That doesn't mean that she's not as special to me as ever.  Glo is an amazing person with a heart as big as her creepy collection(which is HUGE).  My life would never be the same without her, nor would my pocketbook.  My skin is permanently inked with her art, and my home is covered in even more of her wonderful wares. 
Glo, you have rocked my world since the very beginning, and still do.  Thanks for always being my boyfriend, mentor, shoulder, laughing buddy, and partner in crime.  I wish you the happiest of birthdays, even if you are coming close to the Crypt Keepers age.

Monday, September 12, 2011

She walks softly, but carries a big gun.

Here's what I got for this week.
Haunted Design House says to use one of the 7 deadly sins as your inspiration this week. Being that this little philly(Scarlett West) from Kenny K's Steampunk line threatened to shoot me with that big ole smoke wagon if I didn't use her I decided to use Wrath as my sin. It's my favorite one, anyway.

I would also like to enter this card into the Simon Says Stamp and Show Steampunk challenge.  This is my first real delve into the world of Steampunk, and I kinda dig it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Is it ironic that this card is coming in late because of my own PMS?  Hmmmm.  It is to ponder. PMS-Psychotic Miss Silver.  Haunted Design House's challenge this week.  Use a crazy bitch and some type of silver.  I almost put myself on the front of this card, to be honest.  Wink.  Alas, I chose one of our original psychotic ladies-
Lizzie Borden, who so famously whacked the hell out of her parents, or so the limerick goes.  I mounted her on some super reflective silver paper(a reflection of myself is what shadowed the top right corner).  I took a Sakura silver glitter pen to her eyes, and sparkled her broach with a sparkly silver brad.  Yeah, this card gave me fits. But I think I like it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HDH104-I Was Framed!

I really was!  I have absolutely NO IDEA how that body got in my trunk.  Just sayin'.

This week at Haunted Design House, we are to use some sort of frame in our project.  My camera has decided to not work properly as of late, so my pictures have been a bit blurry.  That being said, here is what I have screamed up--
Being that it's back to school time, I decided to go with the "not read for school pics" look.  I swear some kids do come out looking like zombies.  But, then again, I live in California..sooo....

I used a neat-o Spellbinder die to make that frame. My image is a cool digi from Tickled Pink, Zombie Kellita. I also framed the card with rickrack(is that what you call it?), some metal brads, and a small SPLAT stamp.  Zombie High, Class of 2012.  We're supposed to be gone next year anyway, right?  Who's to say we don't turn into zombies.  Who's to say I'm not already a zombie?

Monday, August 22, 2011

HDH103-Carnival of Curiosities

Have I ever mentioned how much I love clowns?  Especially creepy ones.  I love playing off the absolute TERROR clowns can strike in people.  That being said, this weeks Haunted Design House challenge is right up my circus tent. Carnival theme, the Minions say.  Well, I've got a few treats for you.  The above photos are of Mr.Korpsgryndr and I.  He was Capt.Spaulding from the movie House of 1000 Corpses.  Make up done by me.  I chose the beloved Pennywise the Dancing(and child eating) Clown from Stephen King's It.
Better photo of my flesh tearing teeth.  Make up done by me.
You can't imagine the amount of people we terrified that night.  Oh, the hilarity of it all. (If you look at the bottom right, you'll see our beloved Kona.  She's got a painted face too..born that way.)
 That's my back.  Told you I really loved clowns.  It was my love of THESE particular clowns that brought me the love of my life.  Wicked clowns will never die.

Now, for the pee-ass day resistance..
This is the card I've made for the challenge.  That, of course, is also me.  I'm in a Fatso Killer Clown costume.(Matter of fact, one of my good friend that you all know and love took this picture..)  My buddy Chuck is a bad ass sculptor, and has quite a few lovely Hallowe'en curiosities he has created. www.bumpinthenightfx.com is where you find them.  This was me playing around in his monster room at home.  I used some twine to make balloon strings, and my new SU tag stamp.  Made those blood drops myself as well.  I must say I was a bit light headed afterwards, but at least I really put my own "touch" on it.  Hope you've enjoyed the show today. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

HDH102-Queen of the Damned

I really really was gonna go with something Anne Rice-ish( I love her).  This weeks challenge at Haunted Design House is to use crowns of some sort.  Here's what I cooked up!

I used a cool Stampotique image, though I can never remember her name.  Newt, maybe?  I made that crown on her dome using a cool MS crown punch, that doesn't see much play, but needs too.  You ever make something that just doesn't vibe right?  This one is it.  I like the colors, but I feel like something is missing.  My first sentiment said "Queen of fuckin Everything", but I think that would've come out wrong.  Especially because this is for the Hubs cousin's birfday.  Don't want her to think I think her a whore.   Or maybe I do.  Too late the card is done!

And now for something completely different...

A cute-sy card.  Made for a cute-sy 7 year old named Madison.
I used an old freebie digi from The Greeting Farm.  Ain't she cute?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

HDH101-Kreepy Kids

One of my many creepy favorites, children.  In my dining room I have a huge old German curio cabinet, filled to the rim with creepy and weird dollies.  I have quite a few pics of creepy kids, love doing up all sorts of kids as zombies for Hallowe'en, but I found this week's Haunted Design House challenge, well, challenging.  So many options!  I opted to use this--
Isn't this a creepy old picture?  I found it through my bud, Google.  Type in vintage creepy kids, and MAN you find some suuuper eerie stuff.  Here's someone's Grandpa all scared up when he was a kid, with his friends it seems.  I smeared some ink on it for a messy look, and threw in some twine, a button, and a gear from my old watch.  Random old stuff.  I used some cool mini Hallowe'en cupcake cups I got in a schwag bag from Barb  a while bag.  I've hit Gruesome Twesome twice in the last couple months!  Woo!  I do like how this turned out.

I have 2 entries this week.  Here's my second HDH entry--

Speaking of creepy kids, yours truly became Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist for Hallowicked.  All make up was done by me.  I'll let you guess what that is on my chin.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

HDH100-Varying Visages of Vincent-TOFF #6

Happy 100th challenge, Haunted Design House!

This weeks challenge celebrates  HDH's 100th challenge, and what would have been Vincent Price's 100th birthday.  We are to use Mr. Price as our inspiration.  Soon as I heard that, I got a bug in my ear...and here's what the bug decided to do.

 I went with Edward Scissorhands, in which Vincent plays Edward's inventor.  I found this killer image of Vincent, Johnny Depp as Edward, and the wonderful Tim Burton, so that HAD to go on the project.  Threw some metal accents on the edge of the picture.  I just got this neat-o Edward digi from The Octopode Factory, and I just love him!  He fit wonderfully.  The quote is from the movie, a lady asks Edward what's wrong with his hands, to which he replies,

"I'm not finished yet."   Just as Vincent isn't finished with us.  His legacy lives on, and he still inspires us all.

I would also like to enter this into The Octopode Factory's Friday challenge.  This makes number 6!  Congrats to Lily and her awesome new blog, and digs.

Monday, August 1, 2011


I will be back later in the week with my entry for this weeks Haunted Design House challenge.  I just wanted to tell ya'll about this uber cool blog candy they've got going!  Look at all this cool stuff you could win!

They are celebrating their 100th challenge!  I'm a big ole fan of HDH, matter of fact it's usually the only challenge I enter.  It's always fun, and gets your mind workin to make many different things.  Plus, the DT rocks as well.  Go check them out!  Enter a challenge, it won't hurt.  At first...ha ha ha!  Congrats HDH on 100 challenges!

Monday, July 25, 2011

HDH099-Out! Out, damn spot!

Many moons ago, whilst I was a too carefree teen, I was taken by some very nefarious characters.  They kept me in some dank, dark place, for what seemed like a million years.  They did horrible things, some of which I can't even say out loud, let alone write. I escaped, with my sanity barely in tact.  I don't talk about it much because...well, you know.  I was able to snatch a photo of my kidnappers, and I have decided to use it for this weeks Haunted Design House design challenge.

Ok, did I get you?(yes, I'm extremely silly)  Of COURSE I wasn't kidnapped.  However, how creepy is this damn card?  I used a couple cool clear SPLAT stamps to make the background.  I got 3 of the most feared men on the planet to pose for me. Aren't they sweet?  One of those men is Mr. Korpsgryndr..though I'm not telling who. 

Sometimes I think I'm to morbid for my own good.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HDH098 & TOFF#4

Hello!  I'm so upset I wasn't able to make last weeks HDH challenge, Loathsome Lotharios.  I had the perfect image picked out, and before you knew it, the deadline had passed me by.  Busy week. The Haunted Design House challenge this week is Haunted Birthday Bash. This one almost passed me by, too!  I made it though, and even got to enter the new Octopode Factory challenge, Spots and Dots.  Here's what I wrangled up--

Teapot Alice.  I love Lily's(The Octopode Factory) art, and am excited to finally have something to play with.  This is a belated birthday card for a dear friend, thus the un-birthday.  Haunted, I'm not sure.  Odd?  Oh yes.  I love the giant eyes on all of the Octopode characters.  So glad I made it in time! Have a great week!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

HDH096-Xtremely Xhaustive

Use something loooong, Barb and the minions said.  That's the challenge at Haunted Design House this week.  Looong.  I'm almost at the deadline on this one, because it stumped me.  However, I worked a little magic, and here it is--
Gigi (from SBS) has been on my desk for a while. Standing there on her looong legs.  She asked if she could be a part of this project, and with that face, who could resist?  So I opted to put her long legs on a long rectangle cut paper, and made a bookmark!  I added some teal tulle behind her.  I also had fun playing with my new Stampin Up Stampin Pastels.  A gift from a friend, and this is the first time I've had the balls to use them.  I like it, kinda reminds me of a windy, or rainy night.  Hope you like it.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

HDH095-From the Bone Pile

Scraps, you say?  Oh I got plenty of those!

 This week's challenge at Haunted Design House is From the Bone Pile.  Use all scraps to make your project.  My entire craft room is COVERED in scraps.  As I sit typing this, there is a huge stack of roll away drawers behind me, taller than I sit, filled with paper scraps, ribbon scraps, old stickers, stamped out or embellished things.  All over my desk?  Paper, half colored images, and more scraps.  For a crafter, my crafty area is a shame.  I know where it all is, though, and that's what's important, right?  Here's what I did--

That creepy ole house is the very first thing I ever pressed out when I bought my Sizzix.  My crafty pal came over to show me how to use it.  I embossed it onto to some ivory card stock, then started rubbing ink on it.  This house has been sitting around for months and months.  I look at it all the time, but never could decide how to use it.  Now the home has a home. All bg paper is leftover from cuttings and such.  That furry stuff you see is some WICKED cool fuzzy ribbon I won, playing along with HDH of course!  Barb sent me a cool pack of fun schtuffs to play with, all of it creepy and cute.  I've really been wanting to use it.  Glad I got too.   

Kenny K's Krafty Girlz Challenge #51

I finally found time to enter a Kenny K challenge.  You all know how much I love Kenny's art.  Here's what I got for this week's challenge, Red, White, and Blue--

I used the first image I ever bought from him, Miss Fortune.  I went with mostly blue violets, but added some other shades in there to be safe.  I really love her dark skin.  I used a cool cake digi freebie from Delicious Doodles.  I am very happy with the way this turned out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

HDH094 Menacing Mermaids

This week at Haunted Design House, the challenge is Menacing Mermaids.  Use some type of siren from the deep blue on your project.  When I heard this, I about screamed.  Just a couple weeks ago, Mr. Korpsgryndr started more tattoo work on his right arm sleeve.  What did he get, you ask?  He got a huge outline all along the inside of his arm, of a FREAKIN ZOMBIE MERMAID.  Check it out.

She actually wraps around his arm a bit.  He goes really big, so only does the outline first, the of course back in few weeks to work on it some more.  That's not my entry, though.  I just found the coincidence interesting.  Here's my entry..

I had an image of a mermaid skeleton I stamped out at a friends house years ago, but of course that's long gone.  So after a good search, I found this little philly.  She's the logo for Fourth World Clothing(whatever the hell that is..hee hee). I thought she was so cute, and she seems to fit the old school persona of mermaids.  The ones who lured sailors into the water, not the cute-sy Ariel mermaids.  Copics rule my coloring world, so they aided in giving her and that flower purty on her lap.  Those green flowers are actually wedding table confetti.  Top it off with a pearl she dug out herself, and my card is done.  Hope you like it. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HDH093-Kuriously Korroded

This weeks sponsor at Haunted Design House is Kenny K.  If you've ever taken a look through my posts, you know how much I love Kenny K!  Why didn't I use a Kenny K image this week then, you ask?  Because I think this image rocks as well, and have been dying to use it.  Here we go--

That image is called Batty Belfry, by a guy I found cruising online, Adam Withers.  Killer line sketch,so I just colored her in.  Kuriously Korroded.  Corrode your project somehow, and here's how I did it.  The background flourishes I smudged on.  I took paper left over from a die cut that had the flourish pattern in it, laid it over the card, and smudged ink in with a sponge dauber.  I ripped out the black paper, and distressed both the purple and red papers(which for some reason never shows in my photos).  A little smudge under her butt, and I'm done. I have trouble with making stuff too busy, because blank space irritates me something fierce.  That being said, it was a little hard for me to leave such space open on this one, however I like how it turned out.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

HDH092-Pleasure and Pain

Sounds like a good night at The Korpsgryndr's.

Alrighty!  This week at Haunted Design House, the theme is Pleasure and Pain. Use something you LOVE, and something you HATE.  They really are stepping up their game with these challenges.  Every week it's harder and harder, but still fun!  Here you go--

Here's what I love-that costume!  That was Halloween 2008, and that lovely Pennywise is me. Halloween is my Christmas, so of course I have to go all out.  That particular year, I TERRIFIED people.  No joke.  The fear of clowns, especially Pennywise(from Stephen King's It), is something I've always loved to play with. So of course I had to use that awesome sentiment with these pictures of me eating some poor helpless trick o' treaters.  Beep beep, Richie.

Here's what I hate-making patterned paper with a stamp!  I took a cling on skull/crossbones stamp (hate cling on stamps too), and stamped the hell out of my background paper.  I hate doing that, only because I'm so damn OCD about it, it blank space drives me insane.

I think I'm gonna dig out that costume now, and go hit up all the schools just letting out.  I'm suddenly hungry.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I don't like this whole "Emo" movement/music/style whatever you call it.  I'm hard, thrash, speed, and black metal, to the core.  That being said, I DO like the Simply Betty Stamps Emo line of images.  A group of modern day kids for every occasion.  I can color them to my liking, which I'm finding doesn't work so well with actual Emo human kids.  They don't take to kindly to being drawn on and fussy cut.  Zombie Lola, one of SBS's Emo zombies, though, didn't mind at all.

The challenge at HDH this week is to incorporate EMO in your project.  Here's where I put mine-E for the Emo zombie image and EEEEK! sentiment, M for the metal plates on the corners and the metallic sparkle on her spikes, and O for Orange.  SBS has given me something fun and safe to do with Emo kids now, and has kept me from chasing poor teenagers down.  Thank you, Betty.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

HDH089-Dali Delusions

The theme of the challenge this week at Haunted Design House is Dali Delusions. (what the hell?)

Yep.  That's what I thought.  I know who Salvador Dali is, but that's about it. (Again..what the hell?)  I know. Sad.  I've seen his art, and might be able to pick one out of a line-up, but other than that, I'm useless.  I checked out some images from Google, but remembering I'm low on printer ink, I opted to do two different things.  First--

I put a thin mustache on one of my favorite weirdos, Marilyn Manson.  I've had this image for a few, and just love the look on his face.  I scribbled that stache on there...and voila!  I liked it, so I ran with it.  Not sure if I got it quite right on the Dali tip, but I'm diggin it, kinda. Ha.  Here's my second entry--

It's yours truly.  I have my own Dali-esque fingerstache.  Yes, it's a  real tattoo, and yes it burned like fire. Wish the person taking the pic would've told me my stache was crooked, but oh well.  That's all I've got to say about that. Happy Thursday, folks!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

HDH088-Mark of the Beast

Can I just say, that while I'm posting this, we JUST started having a big thunderstorm.


Anyhell, here's what I've come up with for this weeks Haunted Design House challenge,  Mark of the Beast. Use 6, 6, and 6.  Yep.  Hard as hell.  (Couldn't help that one.)  Ok!--

I sure as hell hope I did this right. Here's the scoop-counting the card base, I've got 6 background papers.  Then, 6 flourishes atop that.  To round it out, I've got 4 jewels, and my image is two layers-equaling 6 altogether.  I found that image by accident, cruising online for something else. I printed her twice, and paper pieced on her wings for dimension. 

Now it's hailing.  Big time.  I think I hear horns....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

HDH087 & SBS Mom's Day Challenge..

This week at Haunted Design House, the challenge is Freaker's Free for All.  Anything goes. You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to find something to do, left to my own desires.  Odd.  I decided to pair my entry up with this weeks Simply Betty challenge, Something for Mom.  Here's where it took me--

I used the Mummy Lola digi from SBS.  I started out with the intention of making a zombie card.  She didn't end up there...kinda.  I made this for every Momma who's never gotten to be sick, have a cold, eat a dinner, sleep more than 6 hours.  The inside says "Happy Mummy's Day".  For all those Mom's, somebody thanks you.  Now go take a nap.

Monday, May 2, 2011


If you are a HDH blog stalker, then you already know.  But if you aren't (and you should be), then head over and check out the blog candy available.  They just hit 400 followers and are giving away a ton of schwagg.  Behold--

That's what you could win!!  Oh I want it I want I want it... don't you?  Head over and enter.  Also take part in this weeks challenge. It's Freakers Free for All. How easy is that?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SBS I Heart Zombies Invasion

Yeeeessss.  More zombies!  It's like, FINALLY the world catches up with my life long love of creepy, gross, bloody, scary, dead things.  Simply Betty Stamps has a whole new buttload of zombie stamps, and I am all for it.  Here's what I got for the zombie challenge--

This is the Zombie Betty digi.  At first, after I colored her, I thought "Wow.  She's ugly."  Being that she's a zombie, that translated quickly in my mind too "Wow.  She's beautiful."  I just got me a set of Glow Bwainz
and I have been DYING to use them.  So I did.  I took a Gelly Roll glitter pen and added just a tad in some of the cracks, to give it a more viscous look.  I made this card for my buddy's bday.  He's the singer of a local metal band, and loves zombies as much as I.  He even plays zombie movies in the background while on stage, so I was happy to join in the fun last Saturday when I went to see him play.

I had to have a snack before we left.  I'm a bit messy.  While brains are always a welcome snack, I often prefer the heart.  I don't know, it just seems juicier.  But that's me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kenny K's Krafty Girlz Challenge #41

You know how obsessed I am with Kenny K images.  Oh, how I heart his art!  Here's what I got going on for this weeks challenge-

I made this for Mr.Korpsgryndr.  It's our been-together-10-years anniversary today.  I always color with Copics, and I used some wedding table confetti for the flowers.  I hope he likes it, though I'm sure he will.  He's my biggest fan.

 One of a kind, that's what we are.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HDH084-Zombie Apocalypse

Now here we go!  I LOVE zombies.  This week, however, I've decided to enter a different type of project.


Zombies live year round at Korpsgryndr Manor.  I'm always, at odd times, doing up my face, or someone else, as a brain eater.  I absolutely love it, and I've gotten quite good at it over time. No one is safe, not even the children.  So, I'd like to enter some of my most recent and awesome make up jobs. 

That's me. 

Casey Voorhies, Dawn Myers, and Rachel Kruger.  My zombie cocktail waitresses who serve at my functions.

Mr. & Mrs. Korpsgryndr

My nephew, whom you might run into going through my home.

All of the make up you see in the photos was done by moi.  I hope you like them.  Think I'll go make some brain soup.

I Married My Brother

Yes, you read that right. No, it's not what you think.

Another fun fact about me, I'm an ordained minister.  Last weekend I was given the honor of officiating my Brother's wedding.  It was beautiful, if I do say so myself.  Here's the card I made for him and the new Mrs.--

Yes, it's a Kenny K image.  I heart him.  I finished this puppy the night before the wedding.  Talk about procrastinating.  Check out the cool effect on the chicka's jeans though--

Colored with Copics.  I took a piece of denim fabric, soaked it in the Colorless Blender, then pressed it on the image.  Frikkin neat if you ask me. Here we are on that fateful day--


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kenny K Challenge #38

This week the theme over at Kenny K's blog is Aquamarine.  I checked out all the other examples, and pretty much everyone is using a shade of teal, turquoise, or aquamarine.  Here is what I did--

This is the very first Kenny K image I bought, and colored.  I was having a blue day, apparently.  She's just been hanging out on my desk, being all blue.  So, now she's been put to good use.  I took a tip from Creepy G and colored my flower all purty in blue violets, then dipped it in alcohol, then let it dry.  Put on my only blue Glow Skull and I thought it really tied it together.