Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HDH104-I Was Framed!

I really was!  I have absolutely NO IDEA how that body got in my trunk.  Just sayin'.

This week at Haunted Design House, we are to use some sort of frame in our project.  My camera has decided to not work properly as of late, so my pictures have been a bit blurry.  That being said, here is what I have screamed up--
Being that it's back to school time, I decided to go with the "not read for school pics" look.  I swear some kids do come out looking like zombies.  But, then again, I live in California..sooo....

I used a neat-o Spellbinder die to make that frame. My image is a cool digi from Tickled Pink, Zombie Kellita. I also framed the card with rickrack(is that what you call it?), some metal brads, and a small SPLAT stamp.  Zombie High, Class of 2012.  We're supposed to be gone next year anyway, right?  Who's to say we don't turn into zombies.  Who's to say I'm not already a zombie?

Monday, August 22, 2011

HDH103-Carnival of Curiosities

Have I ever mentioned how much I love clowns?  Especially creepy ones.  I love playing off the absolute TERROR clowns can strike in people.  That being said, this weeks Haunted Design House challenge is right up my circus tent. Carnival theme, the Minions say.  Well, I've got a few treats for you.  The above photos are of Mr.Korpsgryndr and I.  He was Capt.Spaulding from the movie House of 1000 Corpses.  Make up done by me.  I chose the beloved Pennywise the Dancing(and child eating) Clown from Stephen King's It.
Better photo of my flesh tearing teeth.  Make up done by me.
You can't imagine the amount of people we terrified that night.  Oh, the hilarity of it all. (If you look at the bottom right, you'll see our beloved Kona.  She's got a painted face too..born that way.)
 That's my back.  Told you I really loved clowns.  It was my love of THESE particular clowns that brought me the love of my life.  Wicked clowns will never die.

Now, for the pee-ass day resistance..
This is the card I've made for the challenge.  That, of course, is also me.  I'm in a Fatso Killer Clown costume.(Matter of fact, one of my good friend that you all know and love took this picture..)  My buddy Chuck is a bad ass sculptor, and has quite a few lovely Hallowe'en curiosities he has created. is where you find them.  This was me playing around in his monster room at home.  I used some twine to make balloon strings, and my new SU tag stamp.  Made those blood drops myself as well.  I must say I was a bit light headed afterwards, but at least I really put my own "touch" on it.  Hope you've enjoyed the show today. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

HDH102-Queen of the Damned

I really really was gonna go with something Anne Rice-ish( I love her).  This weeks challenge at Haunted Design House is to use crowns of some sort.  Here's what I cooked up!

I used a cool Stampotique image, though I can never remember her name.  Newt, maybe?  I made that crown on her dome using a cool MS crown punch, that doesn't see much play, but needs too.  You ever make something that just doesn't vibe right?  This one is it.  I like the colors, but I feel like something is missing.  My first sentiment said "Queen of fuckin Everything", but I think that would've come out wrong.  Especially because this is for the Hubs cousin's birfday.  Don't want her to think I think her a whore.   Or maybe I do.  Too late the card is done!

And now for something completely different...

A cute-sy card.  Made for a cute-sy 7 year old named Madison.
I used an old freebie digi from The Greeting Farm.  Ain't she cute?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

HDH101-Kreepy Kids

One of my many creepy favorites, children.  In my dining room I have a huge old German curio cabinet, filled to the rim with creepy and weird dollies.  I have quite a few pics of creepy kids, love doing up all sorts of kids as zombies for Hallowe'en, but I found this week's Haunted Design House challenge, well, challenging.  So many options!  I opted to use this--
Isn't this a creepy old picture?  I found it through my bud, Google.  Type in vintage creepy kids, and MAN you find some suuuper eerie stuff.  Here's someone's Grandpa all scared up when he was a kid, with his friends it seems.  I smeared some ink on it for a messy look, and threw in some twine, a button, and a gear from my old watch.  Random old stuff.  I used some cool mini Hallowe'en cupcake cups I got in a schwag bag from Barb  a while bag.  I've hit Gruesome Twesome twice in the last couple months!  Woo!  I do like how this turned out.

I have 2 entries this week.  Here's my second HDH entry--

Speaking of creepy kids, yours truly became Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist for Hallowicked.  All make up was done by me.  I'll let you guess what that is on my chin.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

HDH100-Varying Visages of Vincent-TOFF #6

Happy 100th challenge, Haunted Design House!

This weeks challenge celebrates  HDH's 100th challenge, and what would have been Vincent Price's 100th birthday.  We are to use Mr. Price as our inspiration.  Soon as I heard that, I got a bug in my ear...and here's what the bug decided to do.

 I went with Edward Scissorhands, in which Vincent plays Edward's inventor.  I found this killer image of Vincent, Johnny Depp as Edward, and the wonderful Tim Burton, so that HAD to go on the project.  Threw some metal accents on the edge of the picture.  I just got this neat-o Edward digi from The Octopode Factory, and I just love him!  He fit wonderfully.  The quote is from the movie, a lady asks Edward what's wrong with his hands, to which he replies,

"I'm not finished yet."   Just as Vincent isn't finished with us.  His legacy lives on, and he still inspires us all.

I would also like to enter this into The Octopode Factory's Friday challenge.  This makes number 6!  Congrats to Lily and her awesome new blog, and digs.

Monday, August 1, 2011


I will be back later in the week with my entry for this weeks Haunted Design House challenge.  I just wanted to tell ya'll about this uber cool blog candy they've got going!  Look at all this cool stuff you could win!

They are celebrating their 100th challenge!  I'm a big ole fan of HDH, matter of fact it's usually the only challenge I enter.  It's always fun, and gets your mind workin to make many different things.  Plus, the DT rocks as well.  Go check them out!  Enter a challenge, it won't hurt.  At first...ha ha ha!  Congrats HDH on 100 challenges!