Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alcohaulin' Ass

This one's for my little bro.  He turned 20 yesterday, and thanks to The Hubs and I, is a metal lovin boy.  Loves all music that's hard, fast, driven, and mean.  Being a 20 year old male, he also digs scantily clad chicks.
Here's Carmen Electrafying(not the name I chose) from the Kenny K Krash Kittenz.  I won her for naming another one of the Kittenz, Honey Sparks.  Haven't used her yet.  Carmen, however, fit right along with what I wanted to do.  My bro idolizes Dimebag Darrell(guitarist for Pantera and later on Damageplan).  He's got posters, videos, cds, you name it.  One of Dime's famous quotes- "Getcha pull!"  Dime was shot to death 12/8/04, while playing on stage.  It was a huge loss to the metal community, a community I'm proud to be a member of.  That's Dime doin his thing in the background.  Little bro loved this card a lot.  I'm particularly fond of how I colored Carmen.

I've been practicing.  I really like her. Happy New Year to you all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

All In The Family

I got a lot of tattoos.  A lot.  Well, that depends on who you're comparing me too, but regardless, it's a lot.  I've been getting tattooed for 17 years, and as of last night,  have finally finished all my families tattoos.  Just wanted to share.
This is for my little sister.  I could have gotten a better picture.
This is for my Momma, who left us Christmas Eve 2005.

Yep.  You guessed it.  For Grandma.  I've only had one Grandparent my entire life, and it was the woman I was named after, my Grandma Kathryn. She's an amazing seamstress, specializing in wedding dresses.  Yep, you guessed it again.  She made my wedding dress.
 I got this last night.  For my Dad. Nothing like the sting of a fresh tattoo the day after.

My husband and I, because it's Forever.  Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

She's got a pwesent for you..

Just a super freaking cute little girl. Free digi, found here.  Cool Glowskull in the middle.  That's it.

For the Boys

I ask a question to two of my bachelor pals-blonds, brunettes, or redheads?  Scott, the first one to answer, says "All of them.".  I ask doesn't he have a preference?  He says no, they're all good.  So, this is what he got.
 I chose purple.  I used Allura Von D, from Kenny K.  I used this awesome silver metallic paper to mount her on.  When taking the picture, I noticed it's quite reflective, so that's me behind her. Hello!

My other pal, Matthew, answered quite differently.
"I'm not keen on blonds in general but a short haired blond, like really short, will weaken my knees. It's over, I'm bent!  Brunettes are the depth in the dark.  Vast and mysterious.  You can fall into a brunette, become enveloped, and get comfortably lost.  Redheads, I got a thing for them!  Smooth, pink, lightly freckled.  Flat out, they're the softest women I have ever felt."

Verbatim.  When asked if Matthew had a favorite color, his answer was "Royal blue and emerald green.  Looks Irish that way."  So, this is what Matthew got.

I have a confession to make.  I can't draw.  Really.  And I've been learning how to color from watching and trying to emulate others whom I deem Gods in the world of Copics.   One of them is my Creepy gal pal.  She used this same Kenny K image on a card. only in blue.  Beautiful hues of blue.  This was the last of my Xmas pack from Kenny, and this was the one chick who intimidated me, as far as coloring is concerned.  So, I took a queue from Creepy, and tried to do what she did, only in green.  It's not as good, but it's not bad, either.  I got the sentiment as a free digi from Bugaboo Stamps.  Oddly enough, when I went back to check out her card again, I noticed I used the same sentiment.  Hmmm.  Stalker, much?  Either way, both Matt and Scott enjoyed their girls, and said they're framing them.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

You'd Better Not Pout...

Or this little Kenny K cutie won't bring you anything.

This is the digi Xmas Shopping, from the aforementioned Kenny K Xmas pack.  Only got one more lady from that pack to go.  Hope I can get it done. 

Ho Ho friggin Ho

Just a fun little card with a Dustin Pike freebie from last year.
Cracks me up every time I look at it.  I love this guy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Battery Bill

My husbands employer takes very good care of him, which in turn means us.  Every year, they take the employees out to a Holiday dinner at a nice restaurant, and hand out Christmas bonuses.  Of course, all the employees put in their own money to get the owners something nice.  My husband asked me a few days ago if we had a gift bag lying around, something to put the bosses gift in.  I'm one of those people who actually DON'T save gift bags, so here's what I made instead.

A card!  He works for Battery Bill, and you'll never guess what they sell.  Yep.  Batteries, for anything that needs a battery.  Anything.  I printed out a pic of the front of the building, then set it in sepia tones and ran it along a brown ink pad to antique it a bit.  I also added a drawing of the inside of a 12 volt battery, antiqued it a bit as well.  My background paper was a prize I won from HDH couple weeks back.  It's from Susan's Crafty Chaos, and it's a Simply Steampunk set.  All her papers are digital, which is really cool, because you'll never run out.  Of course, you'll run out of ink, but that's remedied easily.  Couple of jewels I colored up with Copics, and it's done.  Now, the only sucky thing about the Hubs holiday party is that no one else but employees can go.  No spouses. I know, right?  So, I'm hoping they'll like this enough to invite me next year, or I just might be party crashing. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Just a little something for the masses.  Still stuck on these damn Kenny K ladies.

This is Mrs. Claus.  She came in a cool Xmas pack, along with that present at the bottom.  I took a card I got last year, took what I wanted from it(the background), and voila!  New card.  Who says I'm not creative?

HDH069-Colorblind Christmas

After typing that title, for some reason the song 'Snowblind', by KISS, popped in my head.  Just wanted to share that.

Here's my entry for the very last Macabre Monday of 2010.  The challenge this week is to create a dark, spooky, gothic, alternative, or creepy Christmas card, without using a stitch of red or green. Being that I'm not a huge fan of red and green together, I loved this challenge.  Well, I love them all, but you know what I'm sayin-

Here she is!  This is Tootsie, from Simply Betty Stamps Punky Teens Hallowe'en digis.  I took a cue from a Creepy pal of mine and used her on a Christmas card, being that I didn't use her this Hallowe'en season.  She looks like she's screaming something, so let it snow came to mind.  Being that I live in the valley of Northern California, snow is something we never see unless we wanna drive up the freeway 50 or so miles.  So, Tootsie is doing her snow dance.  I used this awesome white glitter paper I found at the Bullseye, but as soon as you touch it glitter is EVERYWHERE.  I came out of my craft room lookin like a Cullen, or a stripper, whichever you prefer. =)  This is the last Haunted Design House challenge of the year, so go on over and join in the fun.  You know you wanna.  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Baby...

Still knocking out Christmas cards.  No challenge this week, just wanted to start using my new images.  Oh look! Here's one now--

This is the digi 'Mistletoe', by the faboo Kenny K.  I'm becoming quite infatuated with his sexy lady digis.  My husband is starting to wonder if I'm heading over to the other side..ha ha. Kenny has a Xmas package going on right now, so I jumped on it, and hopefully I can get good use out of all my new girls by the end of the season. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SBS 12 Days of Chirstmas-Day 7

This is my entry for Simply Betty Challenges 12 Days of Chirstmas, Day 7.

Today's challenge was all about Emos.  She's got a killer line of rubber and digis, Emo Kids.  Use any Emo, and the colors purple, lime green, and turquoise.  I chose Effin Miller, from the Emo Christmas digis.  The inside read "Don't worry, it snuck up on us too."  I'm actually having fun gettin in the spirit of things this year, which is new for me.  OH!  That awesome bow?  I learned how to make that from a tutorial HERE.  I'm so glad, because I'm very bow challenged.  Not anymore, though!  Go check out that tutorial if you ever have had to pull out your hair arguing with ribbon.  Also, go check out the challenges at SBS, it's always fun!

Monday, December 6, 2010

HDH068-Ocotpodally Ominous

YEAH!!!  I'm still high on my recent DOUBLE win over at Haunted Design House.  It makes me feel really good.  I'm my worst critic, and I follow such amazingly talented people whom I'll never come close too, so it's very nice to be a part of this.  Here's my entry for this weeks Macabre Monday challenge-

Ocotopodally Ominous-use exactly 8 pieces in your project.  From the card base to the embellishments. Here's my 8. 1-card base, 2-MM picture, 3-Allura digi, 4-sticker on MM's face, 5-sentiment, 6-brown stock sentiment is mounted on, 7&8-two red jewels at the bottom. Though this was harder than it sounds, I actually got done today.  I expected to be at this all week, barely making the deadline.  But, the juices got to flowing, and here she is.  My image is Allura Von D, from the Gothic Angelz, drawn wonderfully by Kenny K.  I made this card for one of my besty's birthday this month.  She's a huge Marilyn Manson fan, thus Mr. M in the background.  She's also a fetish model, so this is my ode to her and her beautiful, dark, gothic, and wonderful ways. I know she's going to love it.  I'm very proud of this card, I just love how it turned out.  Head on over and check out HDH.  The challenges are always fun.  I dare you!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

SBS 12 Days of Christmas Day 4

I can't believe I actually made two challenges this week!  I'm feeling the juices flowing, hopefully I can keep up.  Here's my entry for Simply Betty Stamps 12 Days of Christmas, Day 4. 

The challenge was to use something scary in your Christmas card.  I used Rio from Simply Betty Stamps Emo World digis.  Decided to put my MS Ghost punch to use, with the inside of the card saying "From all of us!"  Couple bats, couple buttons, and skulls in the Happy Holidays.  Voila!  I'm very happy with the way this turned out.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SBS 12 Days of Xmas #3 & HDH067 Paper Pandemonium

I'm double teamin!  This is my entry for Simply Betty Challenges 12 Days of Christmas Day 3.  Use a Simply Betty image with a creepy kinda tree.  I am not a Xmas person, at all, so this card, and Lola Mummy there, really does the whole Bah Humbug thing for me.

I'm also entering this into Haunted Design House's Macabre Monday Challenge.  This week is Paper Pandemonium.  Use two different patterned papers.  Done, and done!  I just got a cool pack of double sided paper from my good ole Creepy friend, so of course it had to go on here.  Yeah, two challenges in one week!  Big time for me!

Shared Birthday

This card I made for Adam, my friends son turning 13 this year, on MY birthday(yesterday 11/30).  I usually don't like to share, but he's a pretty cool kid so I made an exception.

I used the Cool Kid freebie digi from Kenny K.  Found some cloud paper hanging about in my black hole of a craft room.  That sidewalk was drawn by me, from a tutorial I found on the Midnight Scramper's blog.  It was a while back so I had to search for it, but it proved to work wonderfully.  Off to kick the creative juices in the butt, and try to make the new SBS challenge.