Monday, July 25, 2011

HDH099-Out! Out, damn spot!

Many moons ago, whilst I was a too carefree teen, I was taken by some very nefarious characters.  They kept me in some dank, dark place, for what seemed like a million years.  They did horrible things, some of which I can't even say out loud, let alone write. I escaped, with my sanity barely in tact.  I don't talk about it much because...well, you know.  I was able to snatch a photo of my kidnappers, and I have decided to use it for this weeks Haunted Design House design challenge.

Ok, did I get you?(yes, I'm extremely silly)  Of COURSE I wasn't kidnapped.  However, how creepy is this damn card?  I used a couple cool clear SPLAT stamps to make the background.  I got 3 of the most feared men on the planet to pose for me. Aren't they sweet?  One of those men is Mr. Korpsgryndr..though I'm not telling who. 

Sometimes I think I'm to morbid for my own good.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HDH098 & TOFF#4

Hello!  I'm so upset I wasn't able to make last weeks HDH challenge, Loathsome Lotharios.  I had the perfect image picked out, and before you knew it, the deadline had passed me by.  Busy week. The Haunted Design House challenge this week is Haunted Birthday Bash. This one almost passed me by, too!  I made it though, and even got to enter the new Octopode Factory challenge, Spots and Dots.  Here's what I wrangled up--

Teapot Alice.  I love Lily's(The Octopode Factory) art, and am excited to finally have something to play with.  This is a belated birthday card for a dear friend, thus the un-birthday.  Haunted, I'm not sure.  Odd?  Oh yes.  I love the giant eyes on all of the Octopode characters.  So glad I made it in time! Have a great week!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

HDH096-Xtremely Xhaustive

Use something loooong, Barb and the minions said.  That's the challenge at Haunted Design House this week.  Looong.  I'm almost at the deadline on this one, because it stumped me.  However, I worked a little magic, and here it is--
Gigi (from SBS) has been on my desk for a while. Standing there on her looong legs.  She asked if she could be a part of this project, and with that face, who could resist?  So I opted to put her long legs on a long rectangle cut paper, and made a bookmark!  I added some teal tulle behind her.  I also had fun playing with my new Stampin Up Stampin Pastels.  A gift from a friend, and this is the first time I've had the balls to use them.  I like it, kinda reminds me of a windy, or rainy night.  Hope you like it.