Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HDH121-Garden of Good and Evil

The minions at Haunted Design House have asked us to make a garden.  A garden in which the age old battle of good vs evil happens.  I had a few ideas in my head, but this is the one that made it's way out.

I used images from the online role playing game Shaiya for this.  We have the Light, and Dark, Goddesses.  In a dark, creepy looking forest type scene.  My kind of place. I am a fan of villains and evil things in general, so of course my garden would be dark.  Ever hear the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"?  Well in my opinion the Devil SMOKED Johnny on that fiddle solo. But I digress.

 My sister in law is a HUGE fan of Shaiya, so I gave this to her.  She loves it.  It was her who told me about the game anyway.  The only interest I found in it was the two hotties above.  Hope you enjoy it.

Ina Gadda Da Vida.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

HDH120-Love Lies Bleeding

This was another one of those challenges that came down to the wire for me. I had it all planned out, then trashed it all and started again.  Use examples of love in it's deadliest form.  The Minions at Haunted Design House are working us!  It's okay.  I think I FINALLY got it.  I decided to use one of my FAVORITE couples from one of my FAVORITE love stories.

Mickey and Mallory Knox.

This is the wedding picture of the wonderfully fucked up pair from Natural Born Killers.  I heart that movie so much.  Their love was pure, fueled by blood & fire, and bound for hell.  But they LOVED each other.  Sure, they were mass murderers who killed for fun, but in a perfect world, wouldn't we all wanna go on a good old fashioned killing spree?

Anyone?  No?  Hmmm.  Guess I'm the only one.  (Yes, I'm a sicko.  No, you may not see.)

Mickey and Mallory's love is one to be desired, even if it is deadly.  I used Mallory's words at their "wedding" as the sentiment.  I only wish I would have thought of it at my wedding.

Til you and I die and die, and die again.
Til death to us part.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HDH119-Kenny K Show us some love

Freaker's Free for All this week at Haunted Design House!  Gotta love that.  However, it opens things up so much more, it's like being stuck in a craft vortex, spinning round and round, watching all the colors, supplies, images..oh look there's the Cheshire Cat...oh and Martha Stewart!  God I wanna pick her brain on how she made creme brulee in a microwave in prison...

Ahem.  Excuse me.  I think I went a bit heavy on the glue. Made me all woooooozy.  I'm back now.  What was I saying?  Oh yeah, weekly challenges.  I chose to use a card I made for my little brother's 21st birthday not too long ago.  Being that I love him, I'm gonna enter this at Kenny K's Krafty Girlz LOVE challenge.  Here's what we got!

Dummy me forgot to take a photo until right before I gave it to him.  Sorry if the picture quality is bad..but isn't she badass?

I used the lovely Pitstop Penny from Kenny K's Krash Kittenz line.  I named one of those characters, just not this one.  Honey Sparks is my bitch.  Yes, you may use her.  But you gotta pay Kenny first.

This was my first attempt at coloring an image black & white.  I think I did ok.  I used Copics, in shades of gray, and some blue violets.  I think I did purty dang good.  I can't wait to try another image out.

Now, back to that glue thang.  I really want that creme brulee recipe.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Playin with the Queen of Hearts--a few challenges.

I must tell you first off that this isn't my first project I made.  The first one is in shreds on the floor.  Yeah, like that.

Haunted Design House asks for us to use a heart, and a hole in our projects.  I immediately knew what I was gonna do-so I thought.  Got my images colored, then the battle started.  After much, much deliberation I threw together a turd.  Thank the Gods my camera battery was dead, or else I wouldn't have had time to tear apart the turd, regroup, get my mind right, and create this masterpiece--

I found this Queen of Hearts image cruising Creepy G's blog a while back.  It's from Spesch Stamps, and they have this amazing line of dead Wonderland characters.  I had to use her!  I am very proud of how I colored her.  Aside from using the hearts adorning Her Deadness as my heart, I decided to go literal, and use a sketch of an actual human heart.  How's THAT for meeting a challenge? 

But wait!  Where is the hole, you ask?  Look very closely...it's right there in the heart!  I suppose I could use the holes punched on the edge of the bg paper, but I decided to cut hole in my paper heart anyway.  I find it utterly cool.

Since this card fits many challenges, I'm gonna throw her into a couple more. I'd like to enter her in Simon Says Stamp and Show(Kings and Queens), and The Altered Alice hearts challenge.  How could I resist?