Friday, September 19, 2014

Macabre Monday Crimson Crime Scene

The minions over at HDH wanted us to use a crime scene as our inspiration for this challenge.  Oooo!  My mind instantly went to decapitation.  I wanted to cut someone's head off.  So I did.  (I actually wanted to do a Sharon Tate thing with a baby being cut out....but I thought that might be tasteless?)

 Ann Boleyn was too far back for me.  Jayne Mansfield, however, wasn't.  Jayne was dubbed the "Working Man's Monroe" as she was as sexy as Marilyn.  She died when her car ran under a truck and it sheared off the roof of her car....and her head along with it.  Now there is some speculation on if she was actually decapitated, or was it her wig we saw on the dashboard, and she died from a crushed skull?  I wasn't there, so I went OFF WITH HER HEAD. I used one of my Kenny K girls(I do believe this is Allura Von D), gave her a bit more sexy, fussy cut her, then cut her head off.  I ran her neck(both ends) along some red ink to give it a bloodier look.
There was also rumors that Anton LaVey(founder of The Satanic Church) had something to do with her death as well, so I added the pentagram.  I used a red mesh bag that some garlic came home from the store in to add some more red. I almost splattered this whole thing with blood, just a big ole silly mess of it, but thought to tone it down a bit.

What a shame,
What happened to Jayne.


  1. Niiiice! She turned out fabulous!
    Thanks for playing in the dungeon with us at HDH.

  2. I like your use of the garlic bag! Clever!

  3. Love this especially the pentagram. Nice touch. Thanks for playing with us in the dungeon at HDH.


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