Friday, September 16, 2011

Ode to a Bugg

Happy Birthday, Creepy Glowbugg!! 
What some of you might not know is that our beloved Creepy G is one of my very very nearest and dearest.  After seeing how much we had in common, her uber-cool husband decided he'd let me have her.  Sometimes. (Man, that was a good year, eh Glo?)  We met on a New Years Eve, and after eyeing me real good, and inspecting my Lenore tattoo, I was accepted.

Creepy G is the lady who introduced me to the wonderful world of crafting. She is my "craft mentor" as I call her.  I can't thank her enough for giving me this addiction.  Aside from crafts, her and I have spent many a day together being, well, US.
Now, although her cave is only 3 minutes from my cave, I hardly see her anymore.  Life, children, and that ever demanding craft room have kept us very busy, and it's hard to get together as much as we used too. That doesn't mean that she's not as special to me as ever.  Glo is an amazing person with a heart as big as her creepy collection(which is HUGE).  My life would never be the same without her, nor would my pocketbook.  My skin is permanently inked with her art, and my home is covered in even more of her wonderful wares. 
Glo, you have rocked my world since the very beginning, and still do.  Thanks for always being my boyfriend, mentor, shoulder, laughing buddy, and partner in crime.  I wish you the happiest of birthdays, even if you are coming close to the Crypt Keepers age.

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  1. Awwww! Ya made this old Bugg blush! I also wish you had some better pics of me! LOL! The feeling is "mootual" my dear! I miss you too, even though we are so close logistically.
    Looking forward to seeing you very soon!


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