Sunday, May 13, 2012

HDH132-Gothic Make Over

Just in the nick of time, too!

Macabre Monday asks us this week to give something cute a gothic make over.

If only I could enter the actual people I've done this too.

I decided to go with a Kenny K Xmas image.  Here is what she looks like when I put her to use the first time.


Look at her, all cute with her Santa hat and poofy boots.  Shopping away for Christmas goodies.  Awww.

Here is what I did with her this week-
 She has embraced a darker side.  I went with the classic ghost white face so many goths wear, but wanted to add a little zazz.  I did some crazy paper piece work on her outfit and the bags.  Scissors sticking out of the bag, cut off boot/hat poofs, did some cool Liquid Applique/heat gun action, added a Glow Skull, and Mrs Claus has become Mrs. Korpsgryndr. I would rock the HELL out of this outfit...think I might have to make one for this cold season..winter is coming.

Hope you dig it.


  1. she is definitely gothed up, great take on the challenge, hugs

  2. WOW!!! Fabulous Gothic make-over :) Love how you showed before and after.

  3. Mrs Claus has definitely been treated to some new clothes. Love the makeover. The paper piecing looks good. Thank you for squeezing this in for us at Haunted Design House's Gothic makeover

  4. Wonderful paper piecing on this - very well done!!!!

  5. Too stinkin' cute! LOVE your makeover. Fabulous, Katt. Thanks for joining us again this week. xxD

  6. Haha I looked at this and thought the first card was your goth entry! Obviously I was fooled, you have well gothed her out. Thanks for sharing your entry with us at Haunted Design House x

  7. She looks FAB as a Goth LOL.... Great makeover, thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House :)


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