Saturday, August 25, 2012

HDH147-Who you callin' a Succubus?

Haunted Design House this week asks us to use a Succubus as our inspiration.  A succubus, plainly, is a female demon.  I've known a couple in my few hundred years on this earth, and have destroyed a few as well.  They aren't all that bad.

The sponsor this week is Kenny K.  Kenny is one of my all time favorite artists.  His ladies are some of the sexiest I've seen. I heart Kenny's girls so hard!  Who knew a line drawing could be so hot?  Makes you wonder if Kenny's inspiration is a Succubus.  Whoever she is, she's beautiful.  I knew I had to come up with something special.

I love women.  We are so versatile.  We are soft, pretty, we smell good...and we are EVIL.  Incarnate.  Wars have been fought for the ample bosom of a woman.  Humans, animals, and the whole supernatural community have fallen victim to women.

I had trouble deciding what Kenny K cutie I wanted to use.  So here is what I did.

I used 6 of them.  I have more, and I must say it was hard to bring it down to 6.  Like the succubi I've encountered, they are irresistible.  Repeated intercourse with a Succubus can lead to deterioration of health, and even death.  Thus the gravestones.  Succubi thrive on the suffering men go through just to be with them, right to the bitter end.  Temptation is a fitting word for the beauty on that page.  As soon as I read the word Succubus, the word temptation came to me, which made me think of the song Temptation by the band Cradle of Filth, which made me think of their album Bitter Suites to Succubi, which made me think of a fitting lyric on another of their songs, Nymphetamine.  It reads-

Six feet deep is the incision
In my heart that barless prison
Discolors all with tunnel vision
Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, this vampyric addiction
To her alone in full submission
None better

My mind moves so fast at times.

 I've used Carmen Electrifying, Miss Fortune, Heidi Hot Rod, Pitstop Penny, Allura Von D, and the wonderful Honey Sparks who I got the pleasure of naming.  

To top it off, above Honey I added an old picture of me in my "younger" days.  Bat wings and all.

Succulent Succubus.


  1. Excellent creation - luvin' all your 'girls' Thank you for joining us at Haunted Design House :-) x

  2. WOW, Katt! What a bevy of beauties you got goin' on! Brilliant work. Thanks for sharing with HDH. xxD

  3. Wow, really cool, I love all the images and layout. Not sure I could resist that temptation ;)
    Thanks for joining us at Haunted Design House

  4. Great layout! Love your inspiration..... one of my fav Cradle songs. FAB us of the KK images. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House :)

  5. Very cool. Loving all of the different sexy images and the graveyard photo is ACe. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House xxx


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