Sunday, July 24, 2011

HDH098 & TOFF#4

Hello!  I'm so upset I wasn't able to make last weeks HDH challenge, Loathsome Lotharios.  I had the perfect image picked out, and before you knew it, the deadline had passed me by.  Busy week. The Haunted Design House challenge this week is Haunted Birthday Bash. This one almost passed me by, too!  I made it though, and even got to enter the new Octopode Factory challenge, Spots and Dots.  Here's what I wrangled up--

Teapot Alice.  I love Lily's(The Octopode Factory) art, and am excited to finally have something to play with.  This is a belated birthday card for a dear friend, thus the un-birthday.  Haunted, I'm not sure.  Odd?  Oh yes.  I love the giant eyes on all of the Octopode characters.  So glad I made it in time! Have a great week!


  1. haha.... i've JUST had those words made into a real rubber stamp

    Great card

    lily x

  2. Wonderful, love this colorful background.

  3. Awesome challenge combination! I think it's plenty haunted for the HDH and certainly wonderful for TOFF!

    After all ... those big haunted eyes ... as if she's forgotten something ... :)


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