Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello everyone!  I have been gone for quite some time, yes.  I missed the last challenges of 2011 because...oh hell I won't bore you with all of that.  Lets get going on this years challenges!

Haunted Design House's Macabre Monday challenge this week is Metal Mania.  Use metal, a representation of metal, or a metal band, SOMETHING metal. My husband is probably one of the most "metal" men I know.  Really. The heavier, the louder, the better.  Cookie monster vocals and the like.  When I popped onto my dashboard to check the challenge, I was in the middle of making his card. (Today is his birthday)  It happens to be perfect...check it out....

First off, the image for this card is the cover to one of my Hubs fave bands albums.  Behemoth, a polish black/death metal band, is HUGE in his book. (You wanna see some scary shit? Go youtube a Behemoth video)  He loves them, so I used the cover art for their album Evangelion.  I have always dug it myself. 

She is mounted on a metallic type paper.  Also, I used some metal tiles behind that clear card stock with the neat filigree on it.  I really dig this card, and I am sure he will too.  We have seen Behemoth a couple times in concert, and they were really good.  This will take him back there...

Mayhemfest 2009.  Conquer All.


  1. Yay! Katt's back! I was wondering if you gave up crafting for the new year or something.
    Killer card! Josh will LURVE it!
    Thanks for taking the challenge this week at HDH!

  2. FABULOUS _ I like them too !! :-D This is an awesome card and I bet he will adore it :-) Thank you for sharing with us for Macabre Monday at HDH and good to see you back :-)
    Ike xxxxx

  3. Brilliant work he will absolutely adore it. Great to have you back with us making things that little bit darker haha. x

  4. Well if hubby doesnt like it...send it to me...i love it!
    Glad to see you back with us at HDH Katt... thanks for joining us this week.
    BD x


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