Friday, January 20, 2012

HDH116-Chic Freak

I admit, I am a little stumped on this week's Haunted Design House challenge.  I don't even know if I could define chic freak.  I then realized, I think I AM a chic freak. Well, I'm the freakiest that I know, so I thought I would play with that.  I present to you Katt Korpsgryndr, in all her freaky faboo.

 26th birthday.

 I eat humans.

A normal Saturday night...

 33rd birthday demon.

 Partyin like a Pirate.

Mr & Mrs Korpsgryndr

Playing with the camera.

The fan won this round...

Enjoying the shores of South Lake Tahoe.

 Back in my REALLY freaky days.

Well there I am.  I might not have made a project, but I made my style, and never let anyone tell me different. I love me, and I love my band of freaks. 


  1. Absolutely brilliant. Love all of your different hair colours and costumes. You have well got this challenge down to a T. Fabby doo x

  2. COSMIC - love you hair :-) I couldn't wear contacts but the red ones are well scary !! Thanks for entering yourself in all your creepy glory. LUV it xx Great to see you for Macabre Monday at HDH xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. You are one beautiful freaky chic chick.... thank you for sharing yourself at HDH this week.... BD X


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