Sunday, July 29, 2012

Macabre Monday Move Madness

Last week I used cool Alice in Wonderland images from Spesch Stamps for my HDH challenge.  I bet the Minions shared a little giggle when they saw it, being that Spesch is the sponsor this week, and damn near all of them used those same images.  Am I a week behind psychic?  =)

The Macabre Monday challenge this week asks us to use a movie as our inspiration.  Easy peasy, right?


Not as easy peasy as I thought.  I immediately went clown, thinking I would use Killer Klowns from Outer Space, or It. I have a cool new monster clown image I have been dying to use.  I colored him all up...and hated him.  Completely.  One of those polished turds.  I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it.

I started going through my images for inspiration, and happened upon something perfect. 

This is a cute freebie I got from Papelitos Stamps.  I made her into the Grady twins from Stephen King's The Shining(the movie, obviously).  I used some flocked paper for the bg to represent the walls of the Overlook Hotel, where the Grady twins and a few others met their demise.  I don't have a blood drip/goo punch, so I did some fussy cutting.  My last dilemma was finding a font to type out their invitation to Danny Torrence in.  I didn't have anything close, and my own handwriting didn't work either.  Some noises from the other room reminded me of something that would help.

I have a six year old.

My nephew was removed from his mom's care last October due to her negligence and he was placed with us.  He's a great kid, and we have been able to help him quite a bit.  I had him write out my sentiment and then traced it.  It upped the creep factor quite a bit, if you ask me.

Won't it be funny if Papelitos is the sponsor next week?


  1. This us flippin' awesome!!! Really Katt, this is just perfect! I love the use of the freebie from Papelitos and then having Mikey write the creepy words was brilliant!
    Thanks for bringing out the big guns for our challenge at HDH!

  2. It was all I could do not to say how you were gonna kick yourself when you saw this week's challenge. But BRAVA! I knew immediately which movie this was as soon as I saw it. FABULOUS! Of course I adore that little gal from Papelitos, but the childish scrall from Mikey is yummy icing on the cake. Love, love, love it! xxD

  3. Fabulous idea with the kiddy writing - this is a great piece :-D Thank you for playing at Haunted Design House Katt :-) x

  4. way cool, Love the slave labour in putting the 6 yr old to work ;) lol, it really does add to the card. the images of the girls are perfect, innocent creepy. love it.

  5. This is extremely cool, love it. Perfect for the challenge and just perfect all round. xx


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