Wednesday, September 11, 2013

HDH175-Hallowe'en in Your Face

Hi.  Been a while, yeah?

Here is my humble offering I threw together for the Haunted Design House challenge this week.  My favorite season has finally arrived, so I figured what better time to get back in to one of my favorite things to do.  Craft.
I needed an 8x10 to fit into an empty Hallowe'en frame, so I made one.  I just opened my drawer labeled
HALLOWE'EN in the craft room, and started grabbing stuff.  I know there's a cool itkipulli thangy there, and a neat coaster a buddy gave to me. I love that little zombie baby there..but I don't know who made it. My memory ain't so good since my brain injury last year, so sorry if I forget to give proper credit.  I don't remember where half of this came from.  I just felt the urge, so I went with it.  Off to make more stuffs.  Tis the season!


  1. What axsuper collage of creepiness, Katt! So happy to see you playing in the dungeon with us again at HDH. xxD

  2. Well hello there Katt :-D This is fabbo creation ... that baby creeps me out. !! Fantastic to see you 'out to play' again :-D Thanks for joining us at HAUNTED DESIGN HOUSE @-)

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Glad you are back crafting with us! We missed your crazy creations. This one is no different, very, very cool. THanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House Katt xx

  4. Welcome back Katt and you've come in with a bang with this fabulous piece. Keep on creating and sharing with us please. Thank you for sharing your art with us at HDH again :) xx

  5. Welcome back. Is it poor taste to say happy death day to you? I see its a year to the day things all went tilts up. Great to have you back and playing in the dungeon. Hopefully we will see more from you now? X thanks for joining us at hdh x

  6. So now that you've had a taste of creating again, how does it feel? Not bad for a (temporarily) dead chick, huh? So glad to have you creating with us again!!


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