Saturday, November 24, 2012



I have been gone a while, but it's not because I don't like you guys.

It is because I died.
4 times.

Confused?  Me too.  All I know is what I was told.

I had a heart attack on September 12, and died.  I was asleep when it happened.  Had it not been for my amazing super hero husband, you wouldn't hear from me again.  He woke due the noise I was making, and when he turned on the light I wasn't breathing.  He says he literally saw the light leave my eyes.  He administered CPR and called 911.  In high school my husband had chosen to skip P.E. one day and learn CPR.  He said he just thought it would be good to know, and so it was.

I was in the hospital a month total. I had to have a pacemaker installed, which now makes me a cyborg.  I've got this neat scar on my chest and you can see the shape of the battery pack if I move a certain way.  A pacemaker does just that, keep your heart at the correct pace.  I had 4 heart attacks total, and flatlined 4 times.  I was in a coma for about 24 hours.  All I remember is waking up in the hospital wondering what the hell happened, and why couldn't I walk?  Heart stopping = no oxygen to the brain.  I have anoxia, which is a brain injury.  It caused me to have to relearn my basic functions.  I could talk and was coherent, but aloof and very weak.  I've had to learn to walk, write, and work on my cognitive abilities.

During my stay I received the most amazing amount of support, near and far.  Thank you to the minions at HDH for the AMAZING works of art you sent, and to anyone else I've forgotten, thank you so much.

I type this from my craft room, which is on the 2nd floor of my home.  That is a SUPER big deal, because it means I walked up the stairs.  It took a few minutes, and my husband assisted slightly, but it is a milestone compared to two months ago.  I'm not quite at 100% yet, but I'll take it.  I'll be there soon enough.  Hope you'll see some work from me soon.

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