Monday, January 31, 2011

The Art of Tim Burton-TBD Challenge

This is my first time entering The Burtonesque Dolls challenge.  The challenge was to take inspiration from the art of Tim Burton.  Here's what I came up with-
 Aren't they stinkin cute?  Maybe just to me-I like weird things.  I'm don't think Tim Burton drew this, I'm actually not sure who actually DID draw it.  However, it totally reminds me of something you'd see in his works, so I went with it.  This was the very first thing I ever colored with my Copics, couple years ago.  It was given to me by a Creepy friend of mine, and I've been hanging onto them ever since, for the right time.  Well the time has come.  I colored up a couple purty flowers, and added a Creepy Glowskull to boot.  Must say, I got in an argument with my Sizzix machine during the making of this card.  I won, but not without a few injuries.  Now, let's hope I made the deadline.  Happy Monday folks.


  1. They are definately cute, in a weird way. Great card, love the image and all the swirls.
    Thanks for embracing the Art of Tim Burton and joining us this week at TBD.
    Btw - You did make the deadline:)

  2. Very cute card. Look at you and all your fancy die cuts! That image was drawn by Roman Dirge btw.

  3. Glo-I actually thought of Roman Dirge looking at this and wondered if he did it. I almost referenced him and my tattoo in this post, but just chose not too. Cool, thanks ladies!

  4. Very cute in an insane kinda way but that is just the way we like it x


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