Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Hour

Got a message on that damned Facebook, asking if I could make a card for a boyfriend(not mine, duh).  This chicka says she wants a Bugs Bunny or Lola Bunny card, due to said boyfriends nickname is Bugs Bunny.  Yes, I thought it a bit of a weird nickname too, but I digress.  Being that I've got 3 cards this week to work on, I took the good ole Google route for my image.   So here ya go--
Sexy, for a bunny, eh?  Yeah, sexy and bunny don't usually go together in a sentence.  I finally used one of my new embossing folders for my Sizzix.  Found some lacy looking paper I had in a stack o scraps given to me, and I colored those purty flowers me-self.  Creepy Glowskull-get ya some!-rounds out my purty, Stickled Lola Bunny, and voila!.  V-Day card, for a dude called Bugs.  The coolest thing about this card?  I made it in an hour!  Don't know if that's cool for any of you, but that's a RECORD for me.  I'm off to see the Wizard.  Have a good Hump Day.

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  1. Classsssy!! very classy and kinda cute at the same time x


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