Friday, March 25, 2011

Lookee what I got!

Just got my order in from Creepy G's etsy shoppe.  I won a $20 gift cert from last week's HDH.  Check it out!

 Got some pinky swirly Glowskullz.  Yea skull embellishments!

Waaaaay cool earrings...

And a BAD ASS altered Steampunk Romance journal!  Sigh. I've had my eye on that for a few.  I almost had to buy it...ha ha.  All her schtuffs are HANDMADE, and beautiful.  Go check out her shoppe so you can have some cool shwag like this!

Thanks to Barb and all the minions at Haunted Design House.  I've gotten to make, and win, some really cool stuff.  All of it is fun. I have a bag of stuff from a win a couple weeks ago I need to break out.  Got some fuzzy ribbon to mess with...;P

Have a killer weekend!

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