Thursday, March 24, 2011

HDH081-Dastardly Divas

Dastardly Divas are what calls us to Haunted Design House this week.  I must say, the card I made for last week's challenge(and won, by the way...thanks ladies!!) would have fit perfectly with this challenge as well.  However I can't use the same project to enter, so I had to work something else out.  This week I actually have TWO entries.  Gasp!  I know, right?  Here's number one--

 I made this for my one of my many "kids" who is out of state now.  She's a workin girl, learning what life is like at 21 and on your own. Surprise!  Rat race sucks! So, I gave this to her in honor of her corporate devils.  She's a bad ass barista, and I'm proud of her, even if she is a bit mouthy.  I used a Daniel Torrente image..I think.  And next on the list...

This one I made just for this challenge.  I found a line drawing from a CPR class, and I liked how grainy it looked so I didn't color it.  Just a hint of color in the cheeks. Gigi(Simply Betty Stamps) and her sheepish little grin...with her cute little sentiment.  Don't let the smooth taste fool you.  She poisoned him.  Dastardly little thing.  She really put the screws to him.

Get it?  Because of the screw brads?  Ok.  Enough of that cheese for now.

Whaddya think?


  1. Both cards are absolutely brilliant work. They both look fantastic and are so HDH. By the way, just how many kids do you have? (if you don't mind my asking)x

  2. These are both fab Katt; I especially love the sentiment on that first one :D
    And it's funny, when I first saw your card for last week, I had to do a mental check to know what challenge we were one, lol, she was another perfect Dastardly Diva :P
    Thanks for playing along again :D

  3. Andrea-I don't mind at all! My "kids" are kinda scattered...

    I actually don't have any of my own children. My husband and I decided not to procreate. However, EVERYONE we know has children, from infants all the way up to 21. I'm known as Aunt Katt to most of them, and have gathered quite the group of nieces and nephews. I have also been in child care the last 3 1/2 years. I have a baby now that I watch, all day, all week. I'm her Weekday Mama. She's almost 10 months old, and I've had her since 2 months, and will continue to have her, more than 40 hours a week. Thus the sick, stinky baby reference. She had a nasty cold! =)

  4. Oh KATT!!! BOTH of these cards are giving me a serious chuckle! FABULOUS girly! xxD

  5. Holy cow! Both of these are so excellent! Your use of an emergency training handout is brilliant!

    Also, while it's probably not so fun for you, I'm glad to read that your daughter is mouthy. The world does *NOT* need another meek woman. :)


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