Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Power Hour x2

I haven't had much time to post lately, much less make a cool card.  The Hubs ripped a calf muscle, so I'm swamped in all his Honey-Do's as well. One of the besty's  throws a Valentine's Day party every year, and this year my Dad sent me a V-Day card in the mail(always cool to get something other than bills), and I found myself with only about an hour to knock out cards for the both of them.  Here's the one for the besty--

This was made, mostly, out of scraps and such sitting on my desk.  Now here's the one for Dad--

I got that heart as a freebie from Tiddly Inks, on their PCP page.  I'm pretty sure there's a badge over to the right of this post for a link.  Made both of these within the hour time frame I gave myself.  They could be better, and they could also be a whole lot worse.  It's your call. =)

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