Thursday, August 11, 2011

HDH101-Kreepy Kids

One of my many creepy favorites, children.  In my dining room I have a huge old German curio cabinet, filled to the rim with creepy and weird dollies.  I have quite a few pics of creepy kids, love doing up all sorts of kids as zombies for Hallowe'en, but I found this week's Haunted Design House challenge, well, challenging.  So many options!  I opted to use this--
Isn't this a creepy old picture?  I found it through my bud, Google.  Type in vintage creepy kids, and MAN you find some suuuper eerie stuff.  Here's someone's Grandpa all scared up when he was a kid, with his friends it seems.  I smeared some ink on it for a messy look, and threw in some twine, a button, and a gear from my old watch.  Random old stuff.  I used some cool mini Hallowe'en cupcake cups I got in a schwag bag from Barb  a while bag.  I've hit Gruesome Twesome twice in the last couple months!  Woo!  I do like how this turned out.

I have 2 entries this week.  Here's my second HDH entry--

Speaking of creepy kids, yours truly became Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist for Hallowicked.  All make up was done by me.  I'll let you guess what that is on my chin.


  1. You actually do look like her haha. Superb card they are well creepy kids x

  2. I'll tell you, those are some CREEPY kids! Love it! and you look exactly like Linda Blair here. YIKES! Brilliant! xxD

  3. Uber creep factor this week!
    Thanks for playing!

  4. I have that image too, fab, isn't it? And I love what you did with it too, looks like a page from an old photo-album-come-spell-book!
    And LOL at the Exorcist kiddo, could you spin your head round as well? :P
    Thanks for playing along again, and congrats on your recent Gruesome Twosome awards, very well-deserved :D

  5. OH MY GOSHHHH !!! how creepy is this make-up hahaha but you know what ?? i looove it !!
    I'm into photography and i'd love to know how to give that spooky/dead look !! on your chin.. .didn't u used some kind of rubber liquid ?? saw one day at a shop... was very tempted to get it !!


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