Monday, August 22, 2011

HDH103-Carnival of Curiosities

Have I ever mentioned how much I love clowns?  Especially creepy ones.  I love playing off the absolute TERROR clowns can strike in people.  That being said, this weeks Haunted Design House challenge is right up my circus tent. Carnival theme, the Minions say.  Well, I've got a few treats for you.  The above photos are of Mr.Korpsgryndr and I.  He was Capt.Spaulding from the movie House of 1000 Corpses.  Make up done by me.  I chose the beloved Pennywise the Dancing(and child eating) Clown from Stephen King's It.
Better photo of my flesh tearing teeth.  Make up done by me.
You can't imagine the amount of people we terrified that night.  Oh, the hilarity of it all. (If you look at the bottom right, you'll see our beloved Kona.  She's got a painted face too..born that way.)
 That's my back.  Told you I really loved clowns.  It was my love of THESE particular clowns that brought me the love of my life.  Wicked clowns will never die.

Now, for the pee-ass day resistance..
This is the card I've made for the challenge.  That, of course, is also me.  I'm in a Fatso Killer Clown costume.(Matter of fact, one of my good friend that you all know and love took this picture..)  My buddy Chuck is a bad ass sculptor, and has quite a few lovely Hallowe'en curiosities he has created. is where you find them.  This was me playing around in his monster room at home.  I used some twine to make balloon strings, and my new SU tag stamp.  Made those blood drops myself as well.  I must say I was a bit light headed afterwards, but at least I really put my own "touch" on it.  Hope you've enjoyed the show today. 


  1. WOW Katt! this challenge was right up your alley! holy crap, what creepy clowns! Fabulous TAT and your card scares the bejeezes out of me. Thanks for joining the Minions again this week. xxD

  2. Very cool. I remember that clown from Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Great project!

  3. omg you have got some killer outfits. Your card is creepily amazing x

  4. All I can say is C R E E P Y! Perfect for the challenge this week!

  5. My what kreepy klowns you make!! LOVE the card and the blood drops. Very nice. We had such a blast in Chuck's costume room! I'd love to go back some time and take more fun pictures with you!

  6. ROFL This is awesome - great job! LOVE your tattoo. :)

  7. I am scared to death of clowns.... i really really dislike them.... this challenge and your entries have upset me no end! Thank you so much!!!!! Really glad you joined us at Macabre mondays.... now i'll go have a lay down to recover! lynx


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