Thursday, June 23, 2011

HDH094 Menacing Mermaids

This week at Haunted Design House, the challenge is Menacing Mermaids.  Use some type of siren from the deep blue on your project.  When I heard this, I about screamed.  Just a couple weeks ago, Mr. Korpsgryndr started more tattoo work on his right arm sleeve.  What did he get, you ask?  He got a huge outline all along the inside of his arm, of a FREAKIN ZOMBIE MERMAID.  Check it out.

She actually wraps around his arm a bit.  He goes really big, so only does the outline first, the of course back in few weeks to work on it some more.  That's not my entry, though.  I just found the coincidence interesting.  Here's my entry..

I had an image of a mermaid skeleton I stamped out at a friends house years ago, but of course that's long gone.  So after a good search, I found this little philly.  She's the logo for Fourth World Clothing(whatever the hell that is..hee hee). I thought she was so cute, and she seems to fit the old school persona of mermaids.  The ones who lured sailors into the water, not the cute-sy Ariel mermaids.  Copics rule my coloring world, so they aided in giving her and that flower purty on her lap.  Those green flowers are actually wedding table confetti.  Top it off with a pearl she dug out herself, and my card is done.  Hope you like it. 


  1. Whoa, she is totally awesome and so is that tat! Can't wait to see it finished in color. Be sure to post it. LOVE your card. thanks for playing along again with MM at HDH. xxD

  2. Look at you with your awesome menacing Mermaid and a direct link to your blog! Great card!!
    Thanks for playing at HDH.

  3. Both the mermaids are fab, and definitely menacing! Thanks for playing along with HDH again :D

  4. WOW on the tattoo and the card. Your colouring is tops and she is gorgeous x


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