Thursday, June 9, 2011

HDH092-Pleasure and Pain

Sounds like a good night at The Korpsgryndr's.

Alrighty!  This week at Haunted Design House, the theme is Pleasure and Pain. Use something you LOVE, and something you HATE.  They really are stepping up their game with these challenges.  Every week it's harder and harder, but still fun!  Here you go--

Here's what I love-that costume!  That was Halloween 2008, and that lovely Pennywise is me. Halloween is my Christmas, so of course I have to go all out.  That particular year, I TERRIFIED people.  No joke.  The fear of clowns, especially Pennywise(from Stephen King's It), is something I've always loved to play with. So of course I had to use that awesome sentiment with these pictures of me eating some poor helpless trick o' treaters.  Beep beep, Richie.

Here's what I hate-making patterned paper with a stamp!  I took a cling on skull/crossbones stamp (hate cling on stamps too), and stamped the hell out of my background paper.  I hate doing that, only because I'm so damn OCD about it, it blank space drives me insane.

I think I'm gonna dig out that costume now, and go hit up all the schools just letting out.  I'm suddenly hungry.


  1. Oh Kat, you're giving me a chuckle! The costume is fab though I must admit Pennywise scares the crap out of me And then there's the kids...LOVE the sentiment, kids, not so much. LOL I feel your pain with background stamping but it looks like you've done a wonderful job with it. We're having a ball reading about everyone's Loves/Hates at HDH. Thanks for playing along. xxD

  2. AWESOME!!!! Perfect sentiment and pics!
    Great job, yet again lady. Nice to see you rising to the challenges of HDH.

  3. This is superb and your costume is so excellent. x

  4. ROFL This is freaking awesome. I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, so I especially love your story. hee hee


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