Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alcohaulin' Ass

This one's for my little bro.  He turned 20 yesterday, and thanks to The Hubs and I, is a metal lovin boy.  Loves all music that's hard, fast, driven, and mean.  Being a 20 year old male, he also digs scantily clad chicks.
Here's Carmen Electrafying(not the name I chose) from the Kenny K Krash Kittenz.  I won her for naming another one of the Kittenz, Honey Sparks.  Haven't used her yet.  Carmen, however, fit right along with what I wanted to do.  My bro idolizes Dimebag Darrell(guitarist for Pantera and later on Damageplan).  He's got posters, videos, cds, you name it.  One of Dime's famous quotes- "Getcha pull!"  Dime was shot to death 12/8/04, while playing on stage.  It was a huge loss to the metal community, a community I'm proud to be a member of.  That's Dime doin his thing in the background.  Little bro loved this card a lot.  I'm particularly fond of how I colored Carmen.

I've been practicing.  I really like her. Happy New Year to you all.

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