Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Battery Bill

My husbands employer takes very good care of him, which in turn means us.  Every year, they take the employees out to a Holiday dinner at a nice restaurant, and hand out Christmas bonuses.  Of course, all the employees put in their own money to get the owners something nice.  My husband asked me a few days ago if we had a gift bag lying around, something to put the bosses gift in.  I'm one of those people who actually DON'T save gift bags, so here's what I made instead.

A card!  He works for Battery Bill, and you'll never guess what they sell.  Yep.  Batteries, for anything that needs a battery.  Anything.  I printed out a pic of the front of the building, then set it in sepia tones and ran it along a brown ink pad to antique it a bit.  I also added a drawing of the inside of a 12 volt battery, antiqued it a bit as well.  My background paper was a prize I won from HDH couple weeks back.  It's from Susan's Crafty Chaos, and it's a Simply Steampunk set.  All her papers are digital, which is really cool, because you'll never run out.  Of course, you'll run out of ink, but that's remedied easily.  Couple of jewels I colored up with Copics, and it's done.  Now, the only sucky thing about the Hubs holiday party is that no one else but employees can go.  No spouses. I know, right?  So, I'm hoping they'll like this enough to invite me next year, or I just might be party crashing. 


  1. Well look who's little Miss Creative today! Great card and very clever use of the building and a battery. I bet they NEVER received a card like that before!
    Bravo Katt! You are progressing well, Grasshoppah.

  2. Very craftastic!!!

    Speaking of car's battery died this morning.


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